Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The reasons for doing white hat SEO

Search engine optimization methods involve taking part in a variety of techniques in order to best the system and to swindle the search engines. This may include making your content look better than its or more accepted that it actually is.
An old example of a general SEO method was that of keyword stuffing or having your keyword emerge a certain percentage of times within your content, with the hope that Google will see your web site as appearing more significant with others. However this is an example which does not work any more.
There are of course other frowned upon techniques that can be employed, though these techniques are not certified and get your site disqualified and as well eliminated from search engine indexing. It is best to stick to white hat SEO.  This is what I will be focusing this article.

To start with let us start with talking about the usage of the keywords. This entails using your keywords as well as correctly within the content of your site. This comprises of whether you have produced an image, a video or just written text on your web site or even your web blog. The best thing that I can propose is that you include your keyword or even phrase just once. That is majorly more than enough. You need not to over do it, simply because it will begin to look like a spam and it will not be read very well and your site visitors will leave quicker than they arrived.

Secondly, we have the procedure of guest blogging. This is the rave at the present time and a number of people are involved. It is really a win-win situation for every individual involved. Basically a blogger get in touch with another blogger with the purpose of posting a guest post on another web blog. Consequently the receiving blogger obtains some great free content for their web site and you as well get a link or links back to your web site. As well as the benefit of obtaining links your content achieves to appear in a front of a whole new audience. This is really an outstanding way for your content to obtain further syndicated by means of the social media channels.

white hat SEO
The third aspect that we will talk about is natural inbound links. This is the final goal in search engine optimization. Google views natural inbound links as quality votes from another web owner. And through the word natural, I mean links that you did not produce yourself. This therefore does not consist of links from an article directory, which is okay, though they do not carry the same weight as the other webmaster linking to you at their own free will. This tells search engines like Google that your content is worth ranking for, simply because people are linking to you through their own will.
And the best method of acquiring natural links to your website is simply to create quality content. The fourth, as mentioned, is definitely all about quality content. This refers to having a content based web site that is regularly updated with original fresh content and Google loves such web sites. Now you do not need to be updating your site each hour of the day, however whatever schedule you settle on you really need to stick to it. Do not have unequal patterns such as one blog post per month and then 20 updates in the next month. The major thing to remember is to be reliable as this will be helpful from a search engine point of view as well as your readers will also appreciate reliable updates.
Quality content is also known as link bait, as you are basically attracting others to link to you depending on what you are providing, producing, of course you are offering something original which other web owners cannot find themselves.
The fifth thing we need to discuss is interior links within your website and this is comparatively easy to perform. It basically refers to linking internally from one page to the other. So in case I write a post on White hat SEO, within that post I may have links to other related posts such as link building or on page optimization. This assists to keep people on the website for longer and also to reduce the bounce rate. And as Google has many data concerning the website, if you reduce a metric like a bounce rate, in that case it must mean that you are providing value for your audience and so you will in the end see higher rankings.
white hat SEO

Lastly, let us discuss blog commenting as a method of white hat SEO. This is a white hat procedure provided it is done properly. A number of people will abuse this and write spam comments which are not connected to the post, and they will comment exclusively with the intent of attaining a link. Although what you should do is to post something that is appropriate, valuable and as well adds to the discussion. When commenting you should not keep on using your key phrases that you want to rank for, however mix it up with your own name and as well your domain name.
White hat SEO is the only technique that is legitimate because it produces. Non approved techniques will at all times be targeted and ultimately removed. So if you do not want to be losing sleep over your website rankings then you actually know what to do.

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