Tuesday, June 25, 2013

With the rising amount of traffic as well as web sites on the internet, a number of people use the common search engines to search for the information they are looking for. With this comes the wish of companies to have their web sites ranked highly by means of the most common search engines. As a result of this, the method of Search Engine Optimization or commonly known white hat SEO has sprung up. In turn, job opportunities have been developed for those who are familiar with how to write down white hat SEO friendly articles. The algorithms used by major search engines like Google in addition to Yahoo to verify page ranks are unidentified and ever changing, this makes white hat SEO more of an art than a science. This means there are a small number of guiding principles that will assist you to write down white hat SEO friendly articles, although there are no assured rules.

The first principle is that you need to understand the keywords. Keywords are the words which are used by the internet surfers to locate the information they are in search of. These are words treasured the most by the search engines and should become visible periodically all through your article. Before you start writing down your article, it is advisable that you know all of the keywords which are relevant to the topic.
The second thing you need carry out is to develop a good content. Whereas a lot of white hat SEO experts will spend their time attempting to get proper methods to beat the search engine algorithms, the best method is to simply offer internet surfers with good content. Always ensure that the article is useful and talks about the topic wholly. You also need to forget about all of the tactics you may perhaps have heard about and just write down an informative article on the topic in question.
The third aspect you need to do is to provide quality back links: Back links are links from your web site to other web sites that have same content. Back links are extremely important, and just like your content; they are supposed to link back to probable web sites. The last principle you need to familiar with is to get rid of duplicate text. You may as well use other articles as well as resources on the internet to do research on the topic of your article, but you have got to be careful not to include excessively much of those sources. Not only would you desire to avoid any notions of plagiarism, but also you do not desire the search engines to consider the information in your article to be similar as that of the other older article.
5. Good title tags. Title tags are considered very important by the search engines in calculating search engine rankings, though this importance may vary as the algorithms change. Make sure that any title tags match up with the premise of the white hat SEO article.

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